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Project Management Skills and Disciplines

Executive Workshop: Successful Change Projects

We seem to be surrounded by failed change projects; various sources report as many as 87% of “IT projects” being seen as failures. The consequences, including cost and delay, of such failures is huge. There are many reasons that projects fail, but the seeds of failure for many are sown early on, before the project manager is even appointed.

This half-day workshop is for business leaders faced with the need to adapt their business quickly and efficiently. It uses case studies, analysis and discussion to explore the key responsibilities, techniques and disciplines for participants to give their projects the best chance of success from the very start.

Who should attend?

Business owners, executive and senior managers accountable for successfully changing their organisation through the commissioning and sponsorship of change projects, including IT projects.

This workshop is not aimed at project managers.

Benefits of attending

You will be able to:

  • Recognise key behaviours and attitudes contributing to project failure in your organization
  • Set up initiatives in improving project effectiveness
  • Understand your organization’s need for project management skills and disciplines
  • Give the right management support to your project managers to make a success of their projects

Key topics

  • Picking the right projects in the first place
  • Scoping the projects clearly – what is in, what is out, how it fits with other projects
  • Focusing on getting it right, balancing cost, time and performance
  • Understanding and managing the uncertainties in every project – risks, unknowns, estimates
  • Picking the right people to make it a success
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