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Rescuing Projects in Trouble

Rescuing a project in trouble involves reviewing and revising:

With projects in trouble, we provide impartial assessment, and where necessary, we help to restructure the team and put in place the disciplines, reporting mechanisms and controls needed.

We change the project culture from blame and failure to aiming for success.

Key Benefits - external project rescue

Case Study: Rescuing a major billing migration

THUS PLC, now part of Vodafone

Dynamic Technologies was engaged to rescue their project integrating the billing of Your Communications (YC), acquired in February 2006 from United Utilities, as it had stalled.

On arrival the project was suffering from “paralysis by analysis” (after initial successes)  so we changed the approach to Agile and successfully migrated the first customers less than 3 months later. As a consequence we were retained to manage the complete programme.

Minimizing customer loss drove a customer-centric approach to migration, designing the customer experience first, before the migration plan (to the delight of the customer service manager).

Stakeholders represented every part of the business except field engineers, requiring a complex communications and stakeholder management plan, with regular stakeholder communications. Success resulted from creating a project ethos of “can do”. This ethos was successfully extended to suppliers suffering from payment backlogs and termination of contracts.


Successfully migrated all customers from legacy billing systems, billing processes, customer care processes and products to the THUS-standard systems and processes, completing on plan, within budget.

No customers were lost as a result of the migration.

Customer comments on project rescue service


“An exceptional leader on a major billing project migration, managing an entire base of telecoms customers from two platforms to one platform, following an acquisition. I was highly impressed with his project management skills, but also his leadership style and dogged determination to complete successfully.”

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