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Rescuing Projects in Trouble

Rescuing a project in trouble involves reviewing and revising:

With projects in trouble, we provide impartial assessment, and where necessary, we help to restructure the team and put in place the disciplines, reporting mechanisms and controls needed.

We change the project culture from blame and failure to aiming for success.

Key Benefits -  external project rescue

Case Study: Rescuing post-merger rationalisation

When online retailers Shop Direct and Littlewoods were acquired, their buyers’ expectations of an early return on investment were quickly challenged. Projects set up to rationalise distribution and ordering processes were delayed.

The distribution networks of each of the component businesses largely duplicated each other, and occupied valuable real estate; rationalising onto a single distribution network would release valuable capital.

This required fulfilling all new orders through the remaining distribution network.

The consultancy initially engaged had proposed a full integration of the IT systems supporting the two networks, allowing a seamless transition, but progress quickly fell behind their plans. As this would have led to deadlines being missed, at huge cost, a rethink was essential.

As a radical alternative, we led a team of systems architects, analysts and software engineers who created an solution that used a mixture of business process and IT integration to achieve functional integration much more quickly.

Though less efficient during the transition period, the customer experience was seamless, and the temporarily higher operational costs would be more than covered by the financial savings resulting from releasing the capital on time.


The programme went on to implement a successful merger of processes, supported by limited IT integration, in just 3 months.  

Customer comments on project rescue service

Shop Direct Group

“When faced with a tough change environment, demanding stakeholders and tight timescales, you need the support of experienced and knowledgeable programme and project managers. Andrew is just such a person - his calm and confident counsel added real value to our major business integration programme”

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