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Many project management tools are expensive and don’t provide complete solutions to project challenges. Dynamic Technologies has developed applications using Microsoft Office which work effectively to bridge this gap and support good practice.   We include project tools in our project services at no extra charge.

Project Management Tools: supporting good practice

Key Benefits of using RAIDAR for risk management

  • Real-time update, multi-user system  
  • RAID management
  • Communications planning
  • Stakeholder management
  • Quality planning for deliverables
  • Import from MS Project
  • Used and developed continuously since 2001, on all our projects

RAIDAR: Risk Management

RAIDAR is a PRINCE2-compliant application to manage “RAIDs”: Risks, Assumptions, Issues and Dependencies

Risk Management is vital for successful projects.  All too often the risks are written down in a static document, filed and ignored.

We have developed an application that makes tracking and managing risks and issues simple and easy, over a single project or a complete programme.  Managing stakeholders' expectations around risks, issues and change is critical to the perceived success of a project.

This tool is innovative as it links risks and issues to stakeholders, giving a stakeholder's view of the project or programme, and supporting good practice in communication with stakeholders and effective expectation management.

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