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Project Governance: picking the right projects

Many projects fail because they don't have a validated business benefit, or don’t align with corporate strategy. 

Project Governance is about picking the right projects, ensuring they are only started if the value is well understood and it will move the organization forward.

We design project governance schemes tailored to  your business, balancing centralized control against the need for local flexibility and business agility.

We work with our clients' senior managers on the "hearts and minds" principle, explaining fully how they will gain from the governance scheme, and also how to satisfy their own requirements through the scheme. 

Key Benefits: project governance

Case Study: Royal London change governance

A business unit of Royal London looked to diversify its business portfolio. To position the organisation for this move, a 3-month ‘bridging the gap’ exercise was carried out to align all current operational activities with the new strategic objectives. A clearly defined Project Governance process would be required to provide this overall view and pick the right projects.

Project Governance aimed to set out a formal, easily understood structure for:

The team commissioned a tool for Project Governance, designed and developed within a 4-week timescale at little cost, deployed company-wide following a 2-week training course held with 50+ managers. The team then managed, supported (and policed) the routine running of project governance.


The company  met all of its strategic objectives and went on to secure the No 1 position in a multi £billion market with an overwhelming 30pc market share.

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