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Directing Projects: doing them right

Sometimes the problem with an under-performing project is lack of clear leadership.  Our independent project director will take a fresh look at the problems and issues to steer a course in doing the project right that someone deeply ensconced in the organization may not adopt. 

We establish:

Key Benefits - Project Direction

Case Study: corporate knowledge management deployment

During a period of restructuring for Alstom, we were asked to manage a number of projects to ensure that they remained on track and that the outcomes were successful. The main one of these was the Alstom Intranet Catalogue - the tool by which the IT centre will do its business in the future. Successful implementation of this software demanded that service level agreements be established between the ITC and the businesses and also drove such issues as account management and standardisation.


The visibility gained enabled Alstom to save €3M in the identification and removal of legacy systems and non-standard offerings. The improved reporting also enabled the group HQ to have visibility of IT commitments across 14 countries.

Centrica Customer Service Programme

Customer comments

“Andrew worked on the most significant customer programme within the Centrica Group at that time, representing the Telecommunications Division. He worked extremely hard, acting as business champion to ensure sufficient resources and the correct technical solutions were determined. He was challenging and assertive with suppliers whilst always remaining thoroughly professional at all times. He always demonstrated a balanced approach to issues, often having to deliver innovative, yet pragmatic, solutions for integrating multiple businesses and their associated requirements.”

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