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Post-merger/acquisition Integration

In post merger/acquisition, the “quick win” is usually to rationalize central services like Finance, Legal and HR, making staff redundant and cutting salary costs, but then comes integration of operations.

This involves detailed knowledge of the services and products the companies provide, often unknown to those setting the targets!

Integration approaches are basically:

1 > “Might is Right”

Most commonly, the acquired organization’s business is migrated to the standards of the acquirer. Those bits of the business where this isn’t possible are either disposed of quickly or have workarounds until they have run down to nothing.

The big challenge here is that the acquired staff, who have already had their numbers reduced by redundancy, will feel devalued.

Our key skills in supporting this type of integration include:

  • Team-building and leadership
  • Requirements management
  • Business readiness planning and preparation
  • Project management

Relevant Integration Experiences:

  • THUS PLC & YourComms (now Vodafone)
  • Refuge Assurance and United Friendly (now Royal London)
  • Apollo Global & BPP
  • BP & Amoco
  • Corus (British Steel and Hoegovens)
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Case Study - transforming profitability after acquisition

KKR bought a major Insurance Broker and immediately set targets for improving profits.

A key component was the accurate and timely delivery of the right information to people making critical business decisions.

Implementing a new Business Intelligence system revealed that much of their business was detracting from, not contributing to, profitability. In this case, eliminating the most unprofitable business, redeploying staff efforts and re-pricing the core business transformed the picture dramatically.


Within months the business unit involved became the top-performing unit in the group and the model for the rest:

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