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Dynamic Technologies
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Our extended skills base

We are a member of the Business Consultancy Network, a Cheshire-based association of consultancy professionals sharing continuous professional development, quality assurance and professional expertise amongst its members.

This gives us great reserves of expert associates to draw on and a strong programme of continuous professional development amongst the team.

About Dynamic Technologies Ltd

Company Background

Dynamic Technologies was formed in 2000 to deliver project management consultancy for a Government client. Since then we have expanded to cover delivering successful business change projects, including:

Based in Cheshire, serving in particular North West England, Manchester and London, we have an international track record. Our  key ability is to get business and IT staff working together effectively to deliver overall success: people, process and systems.

We specialise in transferring best practice between industries.

Andrew is an expert in cutting cost and waste in business change to deliver business benefits more efficiently.

His early career was managing innovative IT projects in manufacturing, at UMIST and ICL, moving on to manage hi-tech defence projects within complex and fast-moving environments.  With PA Consulting, his experiences led to him crystallizing his thoughts on change performance and the need for effective management disciplines. Managing the IT programme for Centrica Telecoms expanded his focus to end-to-end business change.

Since joining Dynamic Technologies, Andrew has been consulting on business change for SMEs as well as large PLC clients. As a result, he’s developed successful training courses and coaching/mentoring programmes plus MS Office-based tools to support your business change activities (including IT projects).

He is a visiting lecturer at the University of Manchester, teaching Project Management.

Andrew Wright


Our key team members and their specialities: