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Dynamic Technologies
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Making business change successful

We are experts in leading complex projects and innovative change. We:

  • Do the "right project, right", with the right team to ensure it delivers the benefits foreseen
  • Work with stakeholders to clarify the vision, then develop an agreed road map to get there
  •  Introduce the right people, culture, standards, skills and disciplines to deliver business transformation success
  • Are result-focused, not process-orientated
  • Use emotional intelligence to build relationships with stakeholders and gain their commitment and support
  • Build effective teams across organisational boundaries, motivating high performance through leading by example and recognising others’ achievements
  • Always look forward, focusing on preventing issues
  • Deal assertively with any stakeholder or team member not meeting goals through coaching, not blaming
  • Speak the language of each stakeholder to ensure shared understanding
  • Change the culture to make transformation stick

Do your projects achieve results like these?

Leading Change

We helped the NHS to save £65M in the first year alone and deliver their online symptom checker project in half the expected time. We formed a cohesive team even though people worked across many organisations in the UK.

The symptom checker helped patients understand their health conditions and advised them how to get the right treatment, avoiding millions of wasted GP appointments. It won a Queen’s Award for Enterprise.

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Dynamic Technologies Ltd

Dynamic Technologies was formed in 2000 to improve research project success for the European Commission. Since then we have expanded to cover delivering successful business change, specialising in:

Post-Merger Integration

After acquiring YourComms, THUS PLC set out to move customers from YourComms’ two billing systems onto its own. The project had stalled because of the complexity in processing numerous customer accounts.

We took a different approach; moving billing by customer instead of product won early success. This tactic was applied to all customers and accounts, concluding with the most complex. As a result, all customers were retained.

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  • innovative projects and programmes with high levels of uncertainty
  • Post-acquisition and post-merger integration of processes and systems
  • Leading complex and innovative projects
  • Rescuing failing projects

Based in Cheshire, serving in particular North West England, Manchester and London, we have an international track record.

Our key ability is to get business and technical staff working together effectively to deliver overall success: people, process and systems.


Project Rescue

When retailers Shop Direct and Littlewoods were acquired, their buyers’ expectations of an early return on investment quickly began to look unattainable. Projects set up to rationalise warehousing, distribution and ordering processes were delayed.

As part of a major restructure, we led a team of systems architects, analysts and software engineers who, with a new plan, went on to implement a successful merger of systems in just 3 months.  

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Our clients like…

  • Getting a good night's sleep as chaos turns to control.
  • Costs that have stopped spiralling, and deadlines no longer slipping.
  • Understanding what could go wrong and knowing it's all in hand.
  • Being able to focus on their real job of making their business work.
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